Frequently Asked Questions

What is my username and password?

If you have forgotten your username and password, please email [email protected] with your IND number (found on your booking confirmation emails) and your Group Name we will then send you your log in details.


Foreign Office

Wherever you’re going in the World, it’s important to be fully prepared before you go. We therefore recommend that you visit the Foreign Office website and review their travel advice regarding any countries which you plan to visit. The Foreign Office provides the latest travel advice by country including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health


How can I contact Off The Piste?

You can call us on 020 3435 4264 or send an email to [email protected]

Our team is always happy to help and we're in the office every week day 9am - 5.30pm.

You can also keep in touch on our Facebook page and follow @offthepiste on Twitter.


Office address: Sports Travel House, 14 Castle Mews, Hampton, TW12 2NP, UK




Do we need to be affiliated to a University to travel with Off The Piste?

Absolutely not! You don't have to be a student or even a graduate to take advantage of our experience in organising perfect bespoke holidays. If you are a group of adults (or a family) we are happy to offer you the same quality service that we offer to graduates. If you are still a student you may find that your university or college already run a holiday with Off The Piste as we take over 70% of all UK student groups. If they don't or you can't go on their tour then we will be happy to organise a holiday for you.


What are the Check-In / Check-Out times?

No matter how you decide to travel to resort, your apartment will be available from 5pm on arrival Saturday, until 9am on the departure Saturday.


What time will the coaches be picking us up?

All passengers will receive an e-ticket two weeks prior to departure, which includes confirmation of the departure times and exact pick up locations. Please note that coach times are not finalised until this date, so we cannot provide this information any earlier. 


Is ski hire cheaper through Off The Piste or in resort?

Our prices for ski hire tend to be considerably cheaper than the prices in the shops. We also use ski hire shops that are close to your residence, offer a great level of service and stock a large amount or equipment to ensure that whatever your group size, everyone can be accommodated.


What are the cancellation charges?

If you cancel your holiday (either by doing so online, or by emailing [email protected] informing us that you would like to cancel) you will be liable for cancellation charges as per the table below:

56+ days prior to departure: Deposit only

43 - 56 days prior to departure: 50% of the holiday cost

32 - 42 days prior to departure: 70% of the holiday cost

31 - 0 days prior to departure: 100% of the holiday cost


How do I action a name change?

To action a name change and receive a full refund (minus a £55 admin charge) you must email [email protected] with your booking reference number and the name of the person who would like to take your place. Please note this person must not already be booked onto the holiday. We will talk you through the procedures to follow, but it will involve you cancelling your place, the new member booking onto the holiday as a new booking, and us getting in contact to refund you over the phone.

If you wish to perform a name change on your snowsports trip to a new passenger. You will need to begin by logging into your account and selecting the ‘name change’ tab from the options along the top of the page. Once you are through to this section, please input all the details of the new passenger. The details you will require are the following:

First Name
Mobile Number
Emergency First Name
Emergency Second Name
Emergency Phone Number

Once this is submitted, it will come through to Off the Piste for approval. During office hours, we will approve these within a couple of hours, and add the £55 administration fee. An email, with the name change link will then be sent to the new passenger. On the email, there will be two links. One entitled ‘Click Here’ which is the one that needs to be followed in order to make the payment of the £55 fee and complete the name change process.

This link leads to a page on the booking system, displaying the outstanding balance and also the £30 fee required to change the name on the booking. The new passenger needs to tick the box and accept the T & C’s, and then proceed to the payments page in order to pay the £55.

Once this is done, the name change process will be complete.

It is worth noting that the emails containing the name change links (sent to the new passenger) do have an expiry time limit… and therefore it is vital that you ensure that they know  what day to expect the email, and that they action it immediately. 

It is then down to the 2 individuals involved to decide upon repayment of the trip.


I can’t pay by the booking deadline, can I pay later?

If you have not paid your holiday balance by the booking deadline date an automatic £20 late fee will be added to your holiday balance and we will contact you to confirm whether or not you still wish to travel. If you do not get back to us, or if you are unable to travel, we will cancel your booking and you will be subject to our cancellation charges.


What are communal damage costs in my deposit?

Your damage deposit, although primarily used to cover damage to your apartment, also forms part of a global deposit for everyone on your trip. This means that the if the residence charges for communal cleaning, damage, rubbish disposal or extra security needs caused by your group the charges will be divided between each passenger traveling in your party.


Should I buy my ski pass upgrade now or in resort?

It is much easier for you to buy your ski pass online, while booking your holiday. This means that you will be given the correct lift pass when you get to resort and will not have to worry about upgrading anything. This will usually save you a fair amount of money too!


How do I book equipment carriage for the coach?

This is simply an option in the Equipment section on the "extras page"  which you select when making your booking. If you have booked equipment carriage for coach travel it will show up on your E-ticket. If you would like to add it to your booking you can call the office on 020 3435 4264 and we can add this to your booking, even after booking is closed.


How do I organise room allocations?

The system allows you to book you and your friends into a room, in order to do this you will need your friends booking IND Number(S) (This reference number is on your confirmation email(s) and can be viewed if you log into your online account and starts IND). You will be notified via email when the allocations are open.

You must log in as normal to your account and click on the button saying 'TRAVEL & ROOMS', it will bring up the page where you are able to enter your freinds IND numbers. Fill in the freind box and press submit this will join your group together so that you can allocat  it into a room. Do this for each subsiquent passenger.

Following this click on the "HOTEL" button which will take you through to the availiable rooms. From here you can drag and drop your group into the desired room. YOU MUST THEN PRESS "SAVE MY ROOM CHOICE"


The booking form will be left online for 4 days within which time you need to get together with your friends and book into a room. After this point the room allocation will come offline and your group leaders will consolidate the rooms, this means if you have not filled a room you may be moved into another so we can create space. For example if we have 2 people in a 5 bed apartment and 3 people in another 5 bed apartment we may combine the two groups of people to form one 5 bed apartment and free up a 5 person apartment . We will always do our best to keep groups of friends together, however it is best if you can fully occupy rooms.

I want to be in a room next to my friends

When you allocate your rooms you will see that each room is preceded by a four digit reference number. We will do our best to allocate you near the people with adjacent room reference numbers but there is no guarantee of this.


Can I cancel one of my holiday options?

With the exception of transport and insurance options, you can log in and change your selections at any point up until the booking deadline.

To change your coach pick up location please email [email protected] 

Endsleigh insurance cannot be cancelled or downgraded unless you do so within the 14 day cooling off period. The cooling off period begins on the day you pay for your insurance via their website.


How do I get a refund?

You must call the office with your booking reference number and card details, and we can refund you over the phone. We do not issue cheques or bank transfers.


When will I get my deposit back?

Where possible we will return your deposit within  4-6 weeks after your return from your holiday. It will be automatically paid into your bank account once we have the funds back from the residence, and cleared up any charges made against your group. Once they have been refunded, you will receive an email informing you that it has been paid, and if there are any charges, informing you of what they are. If for any reason the refund fails, you will also be emailed asking you to call the office for a manual refund.


What is the luggage allowance for the coach?

1 main bag up to 50cm X 50cm X 100cm - No hard shell cases. 1 item of hand luggage - Must be stored in overhead locker or below seat. No additional luggage will be permitted. Equipment carriage where available is limited to one set of skis & boots orsnowboard & boots. This must be prebooked and indicated in the relevant box above.


I have not received my confirmation email. Where is it?

This should have been emailed to the address you gave us at the time of booking. Sometimes email firewalls do not accept our automated messages. In this case, or if you have provided us with an incorrect email address, please contact [email protected] or call 020 3435 4264.


Where can I be dropped off on the coach?

The coaches follow the same itinerary on the way home as they do on the way out. If you would like to get off the coach at a different drop off point from where you boarded, please make sure you inform the drivers when you load the coach to come home so that your bags can be removed from the coach at the correct stop. In some cases the drivers may agree to drop you at a stop different to that on the outbound journey. This is at the drivers' discretion and is not something that we can guarantee.


I have lost my passport. What shall I do?

If you lose your passport before the holiday, you need to try and get a new one before your holiday commences as you may be required to show it at Dover. If you chose to attend the holiday without a valid passport, and are stopped at customs, Off the Piste cannot be responsible for you if you are asked to leave the coach. The coach drivers are also unlikely to unload the coach to get you your suitcase back! If you lose your passport while on holiday, you will need to admit to this at customs in Calais on your return leg. The most common situation here is having to apply for a new one, which can be costly, especially if you later find it at the bottom of your suitcase when you get home!


I have booked lessons, what time do they start?

Your lesson times will be confirmed by your rep when you get to resort. The majority of our lessons start on the first morning, and then each day after that, depending on how many days you have booked them for.

If you are travelling without a rep you will be given further instructions about your lesson times 1 - 2 weeks prior to departure.


How do I get merchandise for my trip?

Most merchandise is organised through your committee/group leader/Snowsports club and is distributed in the UK at times allocated by them, or on the coach on the way to resort. For any merchandise questions, please contact your group leaders, unless they deem it a question that it relevant for us.


I am taking a pair of skis and a snowboard. What do I do?

You must fit these in the same equipment bag, as the coaches only have limited space. We encourage people to share equipment bags, as this helps to increase the luggage space for other members. To take equipment, you must select 'equipment carriage' on the booking system so that we know how many sets people are bringing on each coach.